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Okay all right guys video number two on our training session today we will talk about how to count out your cash drawer again my lovely assistant Alex will be talking here as she counts out this whole cash drawer alright what's our first step Alice okay well after the last video you see your deicide yourself get this receipt okay and so then on the back you write down the dollar amounts your quarter amounts checks we don't really accept checks but only if we know people and then movie cards, so we'll start by looking under our 24/100 and there is none, so you put a zero right here and there's no fifties either, so you put another zero and then we're going to count out our 20s there's three 20s which is $60, so you put a 3 here 20 times 360 so you put a 60 right there and then no 10, and I have to counter 5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 whoa put up a 15 here 15 times 5 is 85 85 I need to put some like this it applause on there 85 well 4 times 15 16 it's 75 Oh 75 so when Alex is counting out the cash drawer always double-check our work make sure you use your phone as your calculator it isn't law for that reason you're going to count your ones 1 2 3 4 5 oh gosh 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 [Music] thank you funny see what I do and why she's doing that I will provide the entertainment now then 30 31 32 say 324 bad basic 37 38 138 holy cow always make sure you have a lot of ones in your cash drawer make sure they're facing the same way as well thirty-eight times one is 38 whoa here a 38 nicely done now I need to count our quarters holy cow we never lose count either and is about to have to go back and recount 30 30 30 divided by 4 is 7.5, so that's seven and a half dollars are you sure that's a 30 yeah you said 30 divided by 4 times 4 is 28 yeah and then plus 2 yeah okay good 7.0, and then we had a $50 check so we put a 50 which again we don't normally accept don't accept checks don't do it and then you have to add it up so well you got okay 17 right now 12 now what is it Peter 13 plus 7 oh it's 20 there you go 10 plus 10 plus 5 is 17 what yep and then plus 6 plus 6 23 right I think so yeah all right there we have 230 dollars and 50 cents or and we flip back to here oh do you all it's perfect nicely done so then go write what you count it out, and then we weren't over or anything so yep wait before we stop this gotta count the movie card don't forget this stuff these are important movie cards again we have Britney over here on the other side working extremely hard with Luke she learns 15 15 there's 18 cards here 18 cards in total, and you don't add that total will you be different yep you keep it separate, so you just have to put the amount of movie cards so then after we put all our money back in here Oh dropping quarters Thank You, Brittany Brittany comes to the rescue Thank You Brittany now we have to make this balance back to 160 already, so we have our two hundred thirty bucks fifty cents in this drawer and we have to get back to our...
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